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   Maclean (NSW) on the banks of the majestic Clarence River is where I was born. My early childhood was spent terrorising the township of Ulmarra. I lived and started my working life in Walgett western NSW.   I have worked at many and varied jobs over the years such as Telegram boy at Walgett, Barman at Tamworth, Fuel truck driver in Grafton, professional fisherman Maclean, Janitor/Farmer Toowoomba and the worst backhoe operator in Port Macquarie. I have also been a part time Bull rider (the best part was getting set in the chute as for time I seldom made it), part time horse breaker and racehorse trainer (The racehorses broke me more times than I broke Horse's), Part time Boxer (Sharman's Tent - who hasn't), Part time Soldier CMF ( they taught me to fish with Gelly before Dundee made it fashionable), Part time Timber Cutter (a life of snakes, ants and widow makers). All of the above and a lot more give me the inspiration to write poetry, whether it's Bush or Bad, is as they say, in the eye of the beholder.        

If Genes help to write poetry then I should thank my Maternal grandfather for his ability to write Ditties and Verse at a moments notice (he could also play the fiddle I'm not sure if that helps) and his humor was often a little risqué, such as the time he was ask to say a few lines of verse about the groom, a farmer named Wallace Wylde Wallace at his wedding reception, it went as follows:-

Wylde grew a stork for thirty years or more, as I remember                                         

And now the cob is fully ripe, here in this wild November

But Wylde he needn't work no more, he's done his bit no doubt

He's found someone to pull the cob and husk and thrash it out


My Paternal Grandmother's family had many artistic types in the family tree including Louisa Albury.


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Having written poetry mostly for family and friends over the years but never keeping it, I started in the 90's to jot a few down. But it wasn't until a few years ago that I started to write on broader subjects. I have a chance meeting with Ron Liekefett who convinced me to try my verse at O'Mara's in Stanthorpe in 2002 to thank for getting me started although it did take until June 2003 before I tried again this time at Monto. The decade or so as a member and winner of many competitions with Toastmasters International has certainly made facing the public easier.

O"Mara's High Country Poets 2002. 1st Place -  Novice Original

Qld Bush Poets Ass. Inc.     

State Championships Monto 2003    1st Place - One Minute Cup

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